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I could fill up this section with a whole bunch of empty promises about what I can do for you, but let's be honest it's all about the work.

Please be sure to navigate through my latest projects to see what I am capable of producing. I have a passion for the web and I am constantly learning new technologies to stay on the cutting edge. If that sounds like something you'd like for your project then let's talk.

Fantasy Matchup

Fantasy Matchup
Fantasy Matchup Fantasy Matchup

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We have taken the decade old question of "Who should I start on my fantasy football team this week" and placed the answer in your pocket.

We've built in our own proprietary algorithm, leaderboards, player news/alerts, and much more.

Fantasy Matchup - Favorite Matchups

Changing the game of fantasy football

Fantasy Matchup is my startup. It's a robust web application that crunches data from NFL players to help predict who will perform better on any given Sunday.

The web application allows you to signup, favorite matchups, see your latest matchups and even choose the scoring format you'd like the results to be generated from.