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Please be sure to navigate through my latest projects to see what I am capable of producing. I have a passion for the web and I am constantly learning new technologies to stay on the cutting edge. If that sounds like something you'd like for your project then let's talk.

BasicTabs - The Simple jQuery/CSS3 Solution

At some point in every front-end developers career, they will find the need to implement a tab system.  I have taken the liberty of putting together an open-source tab system that uses simple jQuery and CSS3 animations (using Dan Eden's Animate.css) to help beginners get a tab system up and running  quickly.  I've created this as an open-source project on github, so go get the latest version and start building some awesome tabs.  If you see how this boilerplate could be improved feel free to fork it and make some changes.

The Features

  1. It's Responsive
  2. Uses CSS3 Animations
  3. Simple javascript
  4. Simple easy to override